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Unlocking the Bedroom scene will bring nighttime to your home. More interesting things will happen at night.

The Bedroom is the third unlockable location of Adorable Home. It is one of the seven locations in the game. This was added in Version 1.6.1.

The player can unlock the Bedroom with 4,000 Love.PNG Love.


Like the Lounge, the Bedroom has a White Wall and a (beige) Wooden Floor. On the left is a brown window with shutters and white curtains. The room comes with a White Wooden Bed and White Desk. The player can then redecorate the room with the furniture provided in the Shop under Bedroom items.

Starter Items

New Features

Once accessible, the day and night cycle will also be unlocked, following the player's timezone. At night, all locations will dim and, when you are asleep, all light sources in rooms will automatically be turned on. These lights can be turned off by pressing the lower-left lightbulb button. If the player leaves a location with the lights off and returns, the lights will be on again.