Cats are the main animals that the player can interact with.

Ownable Cats

Starting with Snow, the player can collect up to twelve (12) cats, with the others to be purchased in the Shop for 600 Love each. These cats can give Love to the player, either by feeding them food or playing a mini-game with them. When idle, they can be seen lying around or interacting with the placed furniture.

Image Name Type Description
Cookie Short hair Cat Cookie, the Short hair cat. Has tri-colored fur, consisting of white, orange, and grey. Possibly a Calico.
Elisabth Persian Cat Elisabth, the Persian cat. Has white fur and wears a red collar with a gold bell and a gold crown.
Gabu Short hair Cat Gabu, a Short hair cat. Mainly grey fur with a white underbelly and paws. Possibly a British shorthair.
Max Orange Cat Max, the Orange cat. Has orange fur with yellow stripes and paws, similar to the designs of Tabby cats Tiger and Tobby.
Moka Short hair Cat Moka, a Short hair cat. Has dark brown fur with light brown spots and paws, similar to the design of Oliver.
Molly Short hair Cat Molly, a Short hair cat. Has grey skin with white spots.
Niki Short hair Cat Niki, a Short hair cat. Has black fur.
Oliver Short hair Cat Oliver, a Short hair cat. Has white skin with grey spots and a grey tail tip, similar to the design of Moka.
Peanut Short hair Cat Peanut, a Short hair cat. Has yellow skin with brown spots and paws.
Snow Short hair Cat Snow, a Short hair cat. The starter cat seen at the beginning of the game with white fur.
Tiger Tabby Cat Tiger, a Tabby cat. Has light yellow fur with yellow-orange stripes.
Tobby Tabby Cat Tobby, a Tabby cat. Has white fur with grey stripes.

Visitor Cats

There are also visitor cats that sometimes offer random amounts of Love whenever they visit the player's home. Unlike the ownable cats, these cats cannot be played with or fed but can be seen by or on placed furniture either in the Garden, Lounge, Bedroom, or Bathroom. These cats are:

Image Name Type Description
Duke Siamese Cat Duke, the Siamese cat. Has cream and brown fur.
Emily Scottish Fold Cat Emily, the Scottish Fold cat. Has white and grey fur.
Niko Short-tailed Cat Niko, the short-tailed cat. Has white and brown fur.
Magi Shorthair Cat Magi, the shorthair cat. Has fluffy black and white fur and wears a blue witch hat with yellow spots and brim.


  • Sometimes, your ownable cats cannot be interacted with when you tap them. Instead of displaying the pop-up of the cat's name with you carrying it and the mini-games, it shows the cat sat down and refusing your hand, with the text "[Cat name] wants to stay alone right now!" This may last from hours to days.
  • Elisabeth and Magi are the only cats to come with accessories.
  • Random scenarios with the cats can be documented and seen in the Moments feature of the menu.
  • An "error" cat may sometimes appear when the player taps Hedwig the owl in the Bedroom.
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