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Begin image ID. An image of a white cat, Snow, in a Moment capture. End image ID.

The starting cat, Snow, in a Moment capture.

Cats are the main animals that the player can interact with.



There are 3 mini-games that can be played with each cat the player owns. When the player succeeds in completing the mini-game task, the player is rewarded with 80 Love (doubled to 160 Love when the player willingly chooses the option to watch a random ad). In all mini-games, the player will win if they earn all the Hearts before they earn the maximum number of Flashes. The first time a player loses a round in a mini-game, they can watch an ad to continue; however, in contrast to most ads in the game, the player can close the ad when prompted without losing the reward. After this initial advertisement, ads will not crop up until the next mini-game session. After winning, the mini-games can be replayed after waiting for a certain period of time, which varies depending on the mini-game played.

Mini-Game Instructions Wait Time Notes
Stroke cat
Cats Minigame StrokeCat.png
Try to stroke different part of the cat. Some parts are welcomed, but some are not. When you touch the welcomed part, you will get a red heart! You win this game when you get five of it first. When you touch the unwelcome part, you will get a flash! You lose this game when you get three of it first. 2 Hours The welcomed parts are randomly-generated, and they change every time you complete the mini-game successfully, only staying constant when replaying the mini-game, making it more akin to a memory game.
Cut nails
Cats Minigame CutNails.png
Use your finger tip and try to swipe a straight line quickly to cut nails. You will get a red heart when you cut off a nail successfully. You win the game when you cut off all the nails. You will get a flash when you touch cat's hands or arms. You lose the game when you get 5 flashes first. 4 Hours When playing this mini-game, the player should be wary of where they lift and place their finger on the screen, as new swipes are created between these two locations regardless of how far apart they are or whether or not this results in cutting the cat.
Take a shower
Cats Minigame TakeShower.png
Tilt the phone left and right to control the temperature of the thermometer to keep the water temperature in the green range. Drag shower nozzle to shower the cat. You will get a heart if the temperature is in green range. You win the game when you get five of it first. If the temperature is in red or blue range, you will get a flash. You lose this game when you get three of it first. 6 Hours This mini-game uses the gyroscope of the phone; as a result, phones that have suffered fall damage may not be able to play it properly. In addition, it is worth noting the temperature snaps to the left or right after each successful spray, the specific direction depending on which one the phone was tilted further towards before snap. It is unknown if this is a bug or a way to keep players from simply leaving the game running on a flat surface without watching the cat.


Cats can be fed in the Yard using different varieties cat food. The more expensive the cat food, the more love the cat will reward once they have finished eating, and the less time it will take for the cat to finish it. Cat food can be set out by tapping the bowl to choose the type of food and selecting it. Cats will not immediately begin eating the food that has been set out, and can still be cared for through mini-games until they do


Occasionally, upon opening the app, the player will be able to capture a Moment with one of their cats. The chances of this happening increase with the number of cats in the house.

Sometimes, one or more of the player's cats will not allow them to play mini-games upon being tapped. Instead of displaying the normal mini game menu, it shows the cat sitting down and refusing your hand, with the text "[Cat name] wants to stay alone right now!" This may last from hours to days, and can happen regardless of whether or not you have interacted with the cat.

When a cat is not eating or being cared for at the moment, it can be found lying around or interacting with the placed furniture. The cats will roam around the house as they please, regardless of whether food has been put out; however, they never go farther than the garden.

Ownable Cats

Starting with Snow, the player can collect up to twelve cats, with the others to be purchased in the "Cat Boxes" section of the Shop for 600 Love each. These cats can give Love to the player as a reward for feeding them food or playing a mini-game with them.

Image Name Type Description
Cookie Short hair Cat Cookie, the Short hair cat. Has tri-colored fur, consisting of white, orange, and grey. Possibly a Calico.
Elisabth Persian Cat Elisabth, the Persian cat. Has white fur and wears a red collar with a gold bell and a gold crown.
Gabu Short hair Cat Gabu, a Short hair cat. Mainly grey fur with a white underbelly and paws. Possibly a British shorthair.
Max Orange Cat Max, the Orange cat. Has orange fur with yellow stripes and paws, similar to the designs of Tabby cats Tiger and Tobby.
Moka Short hair Cat Moka, a Short hair cat. Has dark brown fur with light brown spots and paws, similar to the design of Oliver.
Molly Short hair Cat Molly, a Short hair cat. Has grey skin with white spots.
Niki Short hair Cat Niki, a Short hair cat. Has black fur.
Oliver Short hair Cat Oliver, a Short hair cat. Has white skin with grey spots and a grey tail tip, similar to the design of Moka.
Peanut Short hair Cat Peanut, a Short hair cat. Has yellow skin with brown spots and paws.
Snow Short hair Cat Snow, a Short hair cat. The starter cat seen at the beginning of the game with white fur.
Tiger Tabby Cat Tiger, a Tabby cat. Has light yellow fur with yellow-orange stripes.
Tobby Tabby Cat Tobby, a Tabby cat. Has white fur with grey stripes.


  • Several of the Visitors that can may visit once the player purchases the Garden area are cats as well; however, like all Visitors, they cannot be played with or fed.
  • Elisabth and the visitor cat Magi are the only cats in the game to come with accessories.
    • These accessories cannot be switched or removed.
  • An "error" cat may sometimes appear when the player taps Hedwig the owl in the Bedroom.
  • If a player has more than one cat in an area and tries to play a mini-game with one immediately after doing so with another, the mini-games' availabilities may not switch over from the previous list (i.e. petting one cat and tapping another may erroneously display the first one's mini-game cooldown).
    • This can be fixed by tapping outside the mini-game list to exit and then tapping the cat again.
  • The Cut Nails mini-game is the only one that requires 10 hearts to win, as one is earned for each nail.
    • The number of mistakes is also unique, with 5 allowed. This makes sense, as the number of mistakes allowed for any mini-game is the half the number of hearts needed to win, rounded up.