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The Farm is the sixth unlockable location in Adorable Home. It is one of the seven locations in the game. Items harvested in the Farm are used to unlock and create recipes in the Kitchen.

The player can unlock the Farm from the Shop with 3,000 Love.


The Farm is an outdoor space separated into two areas by a white fence and located next to the river. The left area contains a hen house and a feed trough for cows. The right area contains nine vegetable patches where plants can be grown.

Similar to the Garden, if the player visits the Farm at night, fireflies will sometimes appear and fly around the screen. The player can tap on moving fireflies to either make them disappear or receive the following:

  • If the player gets a Lucky! pop-up, the player will receive around 10 to 20 Love from the firefly.
  • If the player gets a Bad Luck! pop-up, the player will then watch an ad from the firefly.

In addition to viewing the area normally, the player can also see how much time remains for each of their harvests (including Eggs and Milk) by tapping the clock icon in the bottom-left corner of the screen to toggle the viewing mode.

Starter items

Default appearance of the Farm.

The first gardening patch is open for the player to use when they first unlock the Farm area. Additional patches can be unlocked by harvesting crops a certain number of times. The patches are unlocked in order (from left to right and bottom to top), and cannot be selected by the player, instead opening up the next patch in the sequence as soon as the requirements are met.

  • Patch 2 — Harvest 3 crops
  • Patch 3 — Harvest 10 crops
  • Patch 4 — Harvest 30 crops
  • Patch 5 — Harvest 56 crops
  • Patch 6 — Harvest 90 crops
  • Patch 7 — Harvest 130 crops
  • Patch 8 — Harvest 175 crops
  • Patch 9 — Harvest 225 crops


There are sixteen types of crop seedlings, all of which can be purchased in the Shop. Growth times can be shortened by a random number of hours (between 2–8) by watching an advertisement, which can be done by tapping a plant that has not yet reached maturity to open its harvest time popup. Once fully-grown, the player can harvest the crop by tapping the plant. Despite the images used for the crops, each plant produces just one of its associated crop per harvest.

Image Name Price Growth Time Produce
Farm crops seedlings Strawberry.png
Strawberry 35 Love 9 hours
Farm produce Strawberry.png
Farm crops seedlings Blueberry.png
Blueberry 35 Love 9 hours
Farm produce Blueberry.png
Farm crops seedlings Raspberry.png
Raspberry 35 Love 9 hours
Farm produce Raspberry.png
Farm crops seedlings Lemon.png
Lemon 50 Love 12 hours
Farm produce Lemon.png
Farm crops seedlings Potato.png
Potato 30 Love 10 hours
Farm produce Potato.png
Farm crops seedlings Tomato.png
Tomato 40 Love 10 hours
Farm produce Tomato.png
Farm crops seedlings Cucumber.png
Cucumber 40 Love 10 hours
Farm produce Cucumber.png
Farm crops seedlings Carrot.png
Carrot 50 Love 12 hours
Farm produce Carrot.png
Farm crops seedlings Onion.png
Onion 30 Love 9 hours
Farm produce Onion.png
Farm crops seedlings Broccoli.png
Broccoli 50 Love 12 hours
Farm produce Broccoli.png
Farm crops seedlings Cabbage.png
Cabbage 40 Love 9 hours
Farm produce Cabbage.png
Farm crops seedlings Mushroom.png
Mushroom 35 Love 9 hours
Farm produce Mushroom.png
Farm crops seedlings RedPepper.png
Red Pepper 30 Love 9 hours
Farm produce RedPepper.png
Farm crops seedlings Avocado.png
Avocado 50 Love 12 hours
Farm produce Avocado.png
Farm crops seedlings Wheat.png
Wheat 60 Love 12 hours
Farm produce Wheat.png
Farm crops seedlings Rice.png
Rice 60 Love 12 hours
Farm produce Rice.png


The player can purchase two cows and two chickens at the Shop, which will produce milk and eggs. The process of producing an egg or a bottle of milk takes 12 hours and requires the animals to be fed. Feed can be provided in much the same way cat food is, by tapping to fill the bowl; however, unlike cat food, feed only comes in one variety for each animal.


Type Image Name Price Produce
Farm animals Nana.png
Nana 600 Love
Farm Eggs.png
Farm animals Googoo.png
Googoo 600 Love
Farm Eggs.png
Farm animals Momo.png
Momo 1000 Love
Farm Milk.png
Farm animals Mumu.png
Mumu 1000 Love
Farm Milk.png


Image Feed Animal Price
Farm Cereals.png
Cereals Poultry 40 Love
Farm FreshPastures.png
Fresh Pastures Cattle 60 Love


  • There is currently a bug with speeding up crop growth that causes all crops to show their growth was sped up by the same amount of time as whichever one was sped up first; this makes it appear as though one advertisement has sped up the growth of the entire field.
    • This bug is purely cosmetic, and the button can be pressed separately for each individual crop regardless of what it says on the actual button, at which point the number will correct itself for that crop.
  • Another bug will occasionally result in the game bringing a player to the Kitchen area when the bento box screen is opened and exited from this area. This only occurs if the player has unlocked both areas and their partner is currently at home.
  • Shrimp and Fish, available in the Farm section of the Shop, can occasionally be found and caught in the river, though this is rare.
  • Although Chicken and Beef are offered as meat products in the Farm section of the Shop, they are used only as ingredients for the Kitchen area and do not require the player to purchase livestock.
  • The Farm area is the only area that cannot be decorated.