Adorable Home Wiki

Unlock Garden Area. You can expand your life to garden and attract different cute guests to visit!

The Garden is the second unlockable location in Adorable Home. It is one of the seven locations in the game.

The player can unlock the Garden with 3,000 Love.

If the player visits the Garden at night, sometimes fireflies will appear and fly around the screen. The player can tap on moving fireflies to either make them disappear or receive the following:

  • If the player gets a Lucky! pop-up, the player will receive around 10 to 20 Love from the firefly.
  • If the player gets a Bad Luck! pop-up, the player will then watch an ad from the firefly.


The Garden is a big grassy backyard filled with bushes and pebbles surrounding the perimeter. Towards the back is a white wooden picket fence with a middle plank broken at the bottom, creating a big enough space for animals to crawl through. On the right is a tall tree with yellow and orange leaves. On the left are Thick Grass, Weeds, and a Sand Area, which can be removed.

The player can redecorate the area with the items in the Shop under Garden Items.

Starter Items


Once the garden has been unlocked, animal visitors may visit your house to interact with the furniture and sometimes offer Love. The visitors that come depend on the placed furniture and the weather. Despite their requirements, their presence is not limited to the Garden area, and they can be seen around the house and in its outdoor areas.


  • During the month of April, the Garden be seen with pink petals floating around. This may be in accordance with the real-life blooming period of Cherry Blossom trees in Japan.