Adorable Home Wiki

Humans are the main characters of the game, the couple (You and Your Partner). They move into a new house in the suburbs with their cat Snow, which sets up the beginning of the game.

The player will choose the name and character designs of the couple, the latter based on the eight options shown at the very start of the game.


In the selection screen, all human options have white skin (which can be changed to tan or brown, as of Version 1.6.1), are seen either sitting or standing, and are wearing white shirts, black bottoms, and gray shoes. The main differences among the eight are their hairstyles, hair colors, and hair lengths — gameplay is not affected by the specific choice made.

Once the player has selected their characters, the scene changes to the couple in their new house surrounded by luggage. You are wearing a salmon-colored shirt while your partner wears a blue shirt, both of you wearing shorts and gray bedroom slippers. You are holding a white box with Snow on top while your partner is holding the handle of one of the strollers.

The humans' outfits change depending on the in-game weather and sometimes what furniture they are interacting with.


You are the stay-at-home character, in charge of doing the house chores, furnishing and decorating the house, and taking care of the cat/s. You can spend Love on Shop items, cats, and cat food; interact with cats by stroking them, cutting their nails, or giving them baths; capture moments using your retro camera, and prepare bento for your partner before they leave for work.

You can be seen sitting around or using the placed furniture either in the Lounge, Garden, Bedroom, or Bathroom when the last three have been unlocked.

Your Partner

Your partner is the working character, who leaves for around four (or more) hours before returning with Love. They guide you during the tutorial and provide you with 1,500 Love at the start of the game.

Like you, once your partner returns from work, they can also be seen sitting around or using the placed furniture in the Lounge, Garden, Bedroom, or Bathroom. They can also sometimes be seen accompanying you on whatever you are doing.

Reselect Characters

It's not easy to be with each other. Break the relationship should pay the price! You will have a chance to reselect characters if you pay the price, and all your game data will be kept!

If the player wants to change their characters, they may do so by going to the Setting option in the menu and pressing the "Characters" option. Once selected, a pop-up with appear, showing the icons of your two characters and a broken heart. Below them is a warning (see aforementioned quote), stating to pay 1,000 Love to confirm your decision. A pop-up then appears to confirm the decision, then the player must press the "Characters" option once more. It then takes you back to the character selection screen seen at the beginning of the game. It is also stated that your progress won't be affected nor deleted.


Version 1.6.1 adds the new feature to choose the skin colors of your characters, as well as adding new curly haired characters.