The Lounge is the initial and starting location of Adorable Home. It is one (1) of the six (6) locations in the game.


The Lounge has a White Wall and (beige) Wooden Floor. On the right is a Wooden Ladder, leading upstairs to the Bedroom. On the left are opened white sliding glass doors leading to the Garden.

Once you and your partner settle in and furnish the room, the starter furniture includes the (brown) TV stand, Gray Sofa, White Coffee Table, and Beige Rug. You and your partner are then seen sitting on the sofa while Snow is resting on the floor.

The player can then redecorate the room with the furniture provided in the Shop under Lounge Items and renovate the wall and floor under Renovation.

Starter Items

Gray Sofa White Coffee Table TV Stand Beige Rug


The first glimpse of the room at the beginning of the game. Lucy and Lucas (named by HyperBeard from the game trailer) are surrounded by their luggage.

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