Adorable Home Wiki


Lounge items can be can be bought from the Shop using hearts and used to decorate the Lounge. There are regular items which are available year round and other items which are only available for a limited time.

Regular Items


Name Love Price Image
Television 300
Lounge Electronics Television.png
White Fan 170
Lounge Electronics WhiteFan.png
Yellow Fan 170
Lounge Electronics YellowFan.png
Air Conditioner 500
Lounge Electronics AirConditioner.png
Air Conditioner II 500
Lounge Electronics AirConditioner2.png


Name Love Price Image
Gray Sofa

(Automatically owned by the player)

Lounge Sofas GraySofa.png
Brown Sofa 400
Lounge Sofas BrownSofa.png
Blue Sofa 530
Lounge Sofas BlueSofa.png
Red Sofa 530
Lounge Sofas RedSofa.png
White Wooden Sofa 580
Lounge Sofas WhiteWoodenSofa.png
Yellow Wooden Sofa 580
Lounge Sofas YellowWoodenSofa.png
Retro Pink Sofa 660
Lounge Sofas RetroPinkSofa.png
Retro Beige Sofa 660
Lounge Sofas RetroBeigeSofa.png
Striped Green Sofa 780
Lounge Sofas StripedGreenSofa.png
Striped Yellow Sofa 780
Lounge Sofas StripedYellowSofa.png
White Soft Cushion 300
Lounge Sofas WhiteSoftCushion.png
Yellow Soft Cushion 320
Lounge Sofas YellowSoftCushion.png
Gray Soft Cushion 280
Lounge Sofas GraySoftCushion.png


Name Love Price Image
White Coffee Table

(Automatically owned by the player)

Lounge Tables WhiteCoffeeTable.png
Gray Coffee Table 190
Lounge Tables GrayCoffeeTable.png
Walnut Coffee Table 300
Lounge Tables WalnutCoffeeTable.png
Elm Coffee Table 300
Lounge Tables ElmCoffeeTable.png
Yellow Coffee Table 480
Lounge Tables YellowCoffeeTable.png
Blue Coffee Table 480
Lounge Tables BlueCoffeeTable.png
Black Coffee Table 440
Lounge Tables BlackCoffeeTable.png
Oak Coffee Table 440
Lounge Tables OakCoffeeTable.png
Wood Coffee Table 680
Lounge Tables WoodCoffeeTable.png
White Table 340
Lounge Tables WhiteTable.png
Yellow Table 340
Lounge Tables YellowTable.png
Walnut Table 530
Lounge Tables WalnutTable.png
Gray Modern Table 480
Lounge Tables GrayModernTable.png
Blue Modern Table 480
Lounge Tables BlueModernTable.png
Merbau Wood Table 580
Lounge Tables MerbauWoodTable.png
Oak Table 580
Lounge Tables OakTable.png
Japanese Tea Table 760
Lounge Tables JapaneseTeaTable.png


Name Love Price Image
TV stand

(Automatically owned by the player)

Lounge Cabinets TVStand.png
Green TV Stand 200
Lounge Cabinets GreenTvStand.png
3-Colors TV Stand 320
Lounge Cabinets 3ColorsTvStand.png
Oak TV Stand 280
Lounge Cabinets OakTvStand.png
Blue TV Stand 380
Lounge Cabinets BlueTvStand.png
Walnut TV Stand 380
Lounge Cabinets WalnutTvStand.png
Gray TV Stand 380
Lounge Cabinets GrayTvStand.png
Baroque TV Stand 530
Lounge Cabinets BaroqueTvStand.png
Baroque TV Stand II 530
Lounge Cabinets BaroqueTvStand2.png
Wall Cabinet 150
Lounge Cabinets WallCabinet.png
Green Wall Cabinet 160
Lounge Cabinets GreenWallCabinet.png
Blue Wall Cabinet 200
Lounge Cabinets BlueWallCabinet.png
Brown Wall Cabinet 240
Lounge Cabinets BrownWallCabinet.png
Light Wall Cabinet 240
Lounge Cabinets LightWallCabinet.png
Gray Shelf 280
Lounge Cabinets GrayShelf.png
Wooden Shelf 280
Lounge Cabinets WoodenShelf.png
Baroque Shelf 380
Lounge Cabinets BaroqueShelf.png
Baroque Shelf II 380
Lounge Cabinets BaroqueShelf2.png
Large Cabinet 580
Lounge Cabinets LargeCabinet.png
Large Gray Cabinet 580
Lounge Cabinets LargeGrayCabinet.png
Wooden Shoe Cabinet 480
Lounge Cabinets WoodenShoeCabinet.png
White Shoe Cabinet 480
Lounge Cabinets WhiteShoeCabinet.png
Glass Cabinet 630
Lounge Cabinets GlassCabinet.png
Green Glass Cabinet 630
Lounge Cabinets GreenGlassCabinet.png


Lounge position left 2.png
Name Love Price Image
Barcelona Chair 580
Lounge Chairs BarcelonaChair.png
Red Barcelona Chair 580
Lounge Chairs RedBarcelonaChair.png
Gray Egg Chair 480
Lounge Chairs GrayEggChair.png
White Egg Chair 540
Lounge Chairs WhiteEggChair.png
Ocean Egg Chair 680
Lounge Chairs OceanEggChair.png


Name Love Price Image
Round Yellow Carpet 230
Lounge Carpets RoundYellowCarpet.png
Round Green Carpet 210
Lounge Carpets RoundGreenCarpet.png
Gray Carpet 280
Lounge Carpets GrayCarpet.png
Brown Carpet 280
Lounge Carpets BrownCarpet.png
Gray Pattern Carpet 370
Lounge Carpets GrayPatternCarpet.png
Red Pattern Carpet 400
Lounge Carpets RedPatternCarpet.png
Yellow Pattern Carpet 580
Lounge Carpets YellowPatternCarpet.png
Blue Pattern Carpet 580
Lounge Carpets BluePatternCarpet.png
Striped Blue Carpet 510
Lounge Carpets StripedBlueCarpet.png
Striped Yellow Carpet 510
Lounge Carpets StripedYellowCarpet.png
Beige Rug

(Automatically owned by the player)

Lounge Carpets BeigeRug.png
Light Gray Rug 130
Lounge Carpets LightGrayRug.png
Blue Stripes Rug 160
Lounge Carpets BlueStripesRug.png
Orange Stripes Rug 160
Lounge Carpets OrangeStripesRug.png
Rock Pattern Rug 260
Lounge Carpets RockPatternRug.png
Bubble shaped Rug 380
Lounge Carpets BubbleShapedRug.png
Bubble shaped Rug II 380
Lounge Carpets BubbleShapedRug2.png
Leaf Pattern Rug 360
Lounge Carpets LeafPatternRug.png
Green Rug 280
Lounge Carpets GreenRug.png
Orange Rug 280
Lounge Carpets OrangeRug.png


Name Love Price Image
Wooden Ladder

(Automatically owned by the player)

Lounge Stairs WoodenLadder.png
Blue Ladder 480
Lounge Stairs BlueLadder.png
Gray Spiral Stair 670
Lounge Stairs GraySpiralStair.png
Yellow Spiral Stair 670
Lounge Stairs YellowSpiralStair.png
White Spiral Stair 670
Lounge Stairs WhiteSpiralStair.png
Wooden Staircase 730
Lounge Stairs WoodenStaircase.png
White Staircase 730
Lounge Stairs WhiteStaircase.png
Marble Staircase 780
Lounge Stairs MarbleStaircase.png


Lounge position 1.png
Name Love Price Image
Floor Lamp 180
Lounge Lamps FloorLamp.png
Black Floor Lamp 230
Lounge Lamps BlackFloorLamp.png
Red Floor Lamp 230
Lounge Lamps RedFloorLamp.png
Eastern Wood Lamp 380
Lounge Lamps EasternWoodLamp.png
Eastern Red Lamp 380
Lounge Lamps EasternRedLamp.png
Yellow Floor Lamp 350
Lounge Lamps YellowFloorLamp.png
Gray Floor Lamp 350
Lounge Lamps GrayFloorLamp.png
Modern Silver Lamp 500
Lounge Lamps ModernSilverLamp.png
Modern Golden Lamp 530
Lounge Lamps ModernGoldenLamp.png
Green Retro Lamp 310
Lounge Lamps GreenRetroLamp.png
Ancient Floor Lamp 540
Lounge Lamps AncientFloorLamp.png

Potted Plants

Lounge position 1.png
Name Love Price Image
Pachira Aquatica 200
Lounge PottedPlants PachiraAquatica.png
Green Dill 210
Lounge PottedPlants GreenDill.png
Cactus 260
Lounge PottedPlants Cactus.png
Monstera 340
Lounge PottedPlants Monstera.png
Aloe 300
Lounge PottedPlants Aloe.png
Rubber tree 320
Lounge PottedPlants RubberTree.png
Little Pine Tree 380
Lounge PottedPlants LittlePineTree.png


Lounge position 1.png
Name Love Price Image
White Vases Set 440
Lounge Vases WhiteVasesSet.png
Dry Twigs Vase 230
Lounge Vases DryTwigVase.png
Red Dry Twigs Vase 230
Lounge Vases RedDryTwigVase.png
Chinese porcelain 380
Lounge Vases ChinesePorcelain.png
Chinese porcelain II 380
Lounge Vases ChinesePorcelain2.png
Green Vase 480
Lounge Vases GreenVase.png
Blue Vase 480
Lounge Vases BlueVase.png

Amusement items

Name Love Price Image
Big Teddy Bear 480
Lounge AmusementItems BigTeddyBear.png
White Teddy Bear 560
Lounge AmusementItems WhiteTeddyBear.png
Piano 1,080
Lounge AmusementItems Piano.png
White Piano 1,080
Lounge AmusementItems WhitePiano.png
Aquarium 1,080
Lounge AmusementItems Aquarium.png
Silver Phonograph 1000
Golden Phonograph 1200
Red Flower Cat Climber 400
Blue Flower Cat Climber 400
White Flower Cat Climber 400
Brown Cat Climber 700
Pink Cat Climber 750
Yellow Cat Climber 750
Big Cat Climber 900
Colorful Big Cat Climber 1100
Blue Big Cat Climber 1100


Name Love Price Image
Christmas Tree 880
Lounge Decorations ChristmasTree.png
Decorative Grid 260
Lounge Decorations DecorativeGrid.png
Decorative Painting 280
Lounge Decorations DecorativePainting.png
Sweet Home Pictrue 280
Lounge Decorations SweetHomePicture.png
Calligraphy Works 440
Lounge Decorations CalligraphyWorks.png
Deer Head Statue 560
Lounge Decorations DeerHeadStatue.png
Christmas Wreath 400
Lounge Decorations ChristmasWreath.png
Red Yellow and Blue 800
Lounge Decorations RedYellowAndBlue.png
Starry Night 980
Lounge Decorations StarryNight.png
Mon Larissa 1,100
Lounge Decorations MonLarissa.png


Name Love Price Image
White Bookshelf 460
Lounge Others WhiteBookshelf.png
Wooden Bookshelf 430
Lounge Others WoodenBookshelf.png
Stone Fireplace 880
Lounge Others StoneFireplace.png
Stone Fireplace II 880
Lounge Others StoneFireplace2.png
Baroque Fireplace 1,180
Lounge Others BaroqueFireplace.png
Baroque Fireplace II 1,180
Lounge Others BaroqueFireplace2.png
Walnut Coat Rack 260
Lounge Others WalnutCoatRack.png
Oak Coat Rack 260
Lounge Others OakCoatRack.png
White Tree Rack 300
Lounge Others WhiteTreeRack.png
Golden Tree Rack 300
Lounge Others GoldenTreeRack.png
Wooden Tree Rack 360
Lounge Others WoodenTreeRack.png
Black Umbrella 160
Lounge Others BlackUmbrella.png
Blue Umbrella 160
Lounge Others BlueUmbrella.png
Red Umbrella 160
Lounge Others RedUmbrella.png