Adorable Home Wiki

Love is the currency of Adorable Home.


Love is represented by a red heart with a black outline, sometimes with a white shine streak on the upper right corner.



During the beginning of the game, the player prepares bento for their partner before they leave for work. The partner then gives 1,500 Love as they leave, the player's starter value. Every time the partner returns from work, they reward the player with a random amount of Love depending on the food and box combination.


Owned cats are the biggest source of Love. After completing a mini-game, the player is rewarded with 80 Love (160 Love if the player chooses to watch an ad). Each cat has three different mini-games, earning up to 240 to 480 Love per cat. Cats also offer Love depending on the food provided.

Visitors sometimes give random amounts of Love whenever they visit the player's house.

Fireflies may sometimes also give Love (10-20) when tapped by the player in the Garden.

A Message from Hedwig[:] Watch the full message to receive the love from Hedwig.

Hedwig the owl will sometimes appear by the Bedroom window, holding a white, blue, and red envelope offering a certain amount of Love if the player "watches the full message" (an ad).


Weather Forecast

When the player starts a new day in the game, they may receive Love by checking the weather and tapping the forecast of the day.


Advertisements, often seen in the game, increase the amount of Love being rewarded to the player.

Completing mini-games offers to double the reward from 80 Love to 160 Love.

If the player places a television in the Lounge, the television screen sometimes displays a Lucky Channel Reward, offering 20 Love. If the player chooses to watch an ad, the offer is quintupled to 100 Love.

Selecting the upper right option on the game screen, besides the four in-app purchase options, offers the chance to obtain 50 free Love after watching a random ad. This can only be done ten times a day.


Earn love by completing offers! Complete an offer to earn free love. It may take up to 24 hours to receive your reward.

Found alongside ads, the player can do various tasks in order to be compensated with various amounts of Love.

In-App Purchases

By selecting the upper right option on the game screen, a pop-up will display the four different options of purchasing Love using real money.

  • Hearts (1,000 Love) for $0.99
  • Jar of Hearts (2,200 Love) for $1.99
  • Basket of Hearts (5,000 Love) for $3.99
  • Crate of Hearts (9,000 Love) for $6.99[1]


As with most of the games developed by HyperBeard, Inc., there is a Special Code safe located in the Setting option in the menu, where the player can input a secret code offered by HyperBeard through their official Twitter account timeline[2] to receive Love. If the code is entered correctly, a pop-up will appear saying "You have gained some love!" If a code is entered incorrectly, has already been entered, or has expired, a pop-up will appear saying "Invalid code".

Code Love Uses Functionality
IloveAdorableHome[3] ? 500 Expired
AdorableHome40K[4] 1,000 ? Expired
AHInstaNCHY[5] 5,000 ? Expired
uniquefans[6] 500 1,000 Expired
StayAtHome[7] 3,000 ? Expired


Love is used to purchase the following:

  • Items and cats in the Shop
  • The Garden, costing 3,000 Love
  • The Bedroom, costing 4,000 Love
  • The Bathroom, costing 4,000 Love
  • Character reselection, where a price of 1,000 Love will be charged
  • Different cat food (See Yard for more information)


  • There was a bug where the player can repeatedly press the "Accept Love x 80" button to receive extra Love (80 multiplied by the number of taps). This has been fixed as of Version 1.6.3.
  • Another bug occurred when the player simultaneously presses the 80 and 160 Love buttons to get a combined total of 240 Love per mini-game.
  • When tapping Hedwig, there was a small chance that a cat pop-up titled "error" would appear. It is the same pop-up that appears when tapping any of the owned cats in the house, with the exception of an "invisible" cat being held. The player may choose to play one of the mini-games with the invisible error cat to earn extra Love.