Moments is a feature in the Adorable Home game menu. It is the player's photo album of captured moments of you, your partner, cats, and visitors in random scenarios.


Every time you open the game, there is a chance that you may meet a wonderful moment! Getting more cats and decorating your garden will bring you more of them!


Capturing moments is done randomly. After the player opens the app and the loading screen has finished, there is a chance of the screen displaying your character's hand holding a retro black and grey digital camera with a yellow arrow pointing at the camera shutter, aided by a text box stating to "Press shutter quickly!" Once pressed, the drawn finger presses the shutter and a snapshot sound effect plays, as the screen changes to the preview display of the camera, revealing the captured moment. The player may then press the "Save" button to save and proceed with the game. It is possible to capture a photo you already have and, if the moment involves a cat, with a different cat.


All photos in the collection are organized from the oldest to most recent photos. Each photo preview shows the moment and the exact date and time (following the player's time zone) the photo was captured. When a photo is selected, a bigger preview is displayed and the player can either delete or share the moment. The first three (3) photos have already been pre-placed in the album.

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