The background music of Adorable Home changes depending on the player's timezone and the in-game weather.

Originally, before the Bedroom update (Version 1.6.1), the game only played the Sunny and Cloudy theme for every time and weather.

Background Music

No. Length Time Played Audio
1 0:56 Sunny & Cloudy Weather Forecast, Morning (Insert track here)
2 0:39 Sunny & Cloudy Weather Forecast, Night
3 Snowy Weather Forecast, Morning
4 Snowy Weather Forecast, Night
5 Rainy Weather Forecast, Morning
6 Rainy Weather Forecast, Night
7 Night, when the main human character is asleep
8 When playing a mini-game with a cat


  • The Sunny & Cloudy Weather Forecast theme can also be heard in the game Idle Life Sim - Simulator Game.


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