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Once you buy the nursery, the baby will join your family!

The Nursery is the seventh unlockable location in Adorable Home. It is one of the seven locations in the game. This was added in Version 1.19.1.

The player can unlock the Nursery with 4,000 Love.


The Nursery has a White Wall and (beige) Wooden Floor. It comes equipped with a Rainbow Rocking Chair, Starry Chair, and Rainbow Crib. The player then can redecorate the room with the furniture provided in the Shop under Nursery Items and renovate the walls and floor under Renovation.

Starter Items

  • Rainbow Rocking Chair
  • Starry Chair
  • Rainbow Crib

New Features

Once the player unlocks the Nursery, they can select their baby's skin color and name. The baby can be seen sleeping, playing, or getting watched over by the player and/or their partner.