Adorable Home Wiki

The Shop is a feature in the Adorable Home game menu. It showcases the various purchasable items for sale that can be bought using Love. There are regular items available year round and also Limited Time Collections which are available for sale for a limited time.

When the player buys an item, a red rectangle labelled "Bought" is displayed over the item thumbnail. All bought items can be seen in the Mine option on the menu.

Lounge Items

Lounge items can be used to decorate the Lounge.

Garden Items

Garden items are furniture to decorate the Garden with.

Bedroom Items

Bedroom items can be used to decorate the Bedroom.

Nursery Items

(needs information)

Bathroom Items

Bathroom Items can be used to decorate the bathroom.

Kitchen Items

The Kitchen was added in Version 1.9.0, allowing players to discover and make new recipes using ingredients cultivated or purchased from the Farm. Kitchen items can be bought to decorate the kitchen but only change how things look and not how the cookware works.


Room renovations were added in Version 1.8.0 where the player can change the wall and floor designs of a room. These can be found by selecting either Lounge Items, Bedroom Items, Bathroom Items, or Kitchen Items and choosing the "Renovation" tab beside "Items" in the top menu. Though each room can be renovated individually, the offered wall and floor designs are the same for all rooms except the Kitchen.


Name Love Price Image
Wooden Floor 1,000
Light Wooden Floor 1,000
Dark Wooden Floor 1,000
Herringbone Parquet 1,600
Light Herringbone Parquet 1,600
Green Herringbone Parquet 1,600
Blue Ceramic Tile 2,000
Cyan Ceramic Tile 2,000
Purple Ceramic Tile 2,000
Gray Ceramic Tile 2,000
Blue Polygonal Tiles 2,400
Yellow Polygonal Tiles 2,400
Green Polygonal Tiles 2,400
Pink Polygonal Tiles 2,400
Yellow Diamond Decorative Tiles 3,000
Blue Diamond Decorative Tiles 3,000
Dark Diamond Decorative Tiles 3,200
Blue Star Decorative Tiles 3,500
Green Star Decorative Tiles 3,500
Pink Star Decorative Tiles 3,500
White Flowers & Grass Floor 4,000
Yellow Flowers & Grass Floor 4,000
Marble Tiles Floor 4,600
Japanese Bamboo Mat 4,800
Green Japanese Bamboo Mat 4,800
Clouds Decorative Floor 5,200
Beach Decorative Floor 6,000
Galaxy Decorative Floor 6,000


Name Love Price Image
White Wall 1,400
Blue Wall 1,400
Yellow Wall 1,400
Pink Wall 2,000
Blue Ceramic Tiles Wall 2,000
Green Ceramic Tiles Wall 2,000
Purple Ceramic Tiles Wall 2,000
Gray Ceramic Tiles Wall 2,000
Light Long Tiles Wall 2,000
Green Long Tiles Wall 2,000
White Classic Wall 2,800
Dark Classic Wall 2,800
Blue Classic Wall 2,800
Red Classic Wall 2,800
Dark Wooden Texture Wall 3,600
Wooden Texture Wall 3,600
Forest Decorative Wall 4,400
Autumn Forest Decorative Wall 4,400
Clouds Decorative Wall 5,000
Bamboo Forest Decorative Wall 6,000
Sakura Decorative Wall 6,000
Coastline Decorative Wall 6,000
Galaxy Decorative Wall 6,000

Farm Items

Shows various seedlings to plant at the Farm, chickens and cows available to buy, and several types of protein for cooking in the Kitchen. Items are categorized and divided into the following tabs:

Crop Seedlings

Name Love Price Image
Strawberry 35
Farm crops seedlings Strawberry.png
Blueberry 35
Farm crops seedlings Blueberry.png
Raspberry 35
Farm crops seedlings Raspberry.png
Lemon 50
Farm crops seedlings Lemon.png
Potato 30
Farm crops seedlings Potato.png
Tomato 40
Farm crops seedlings Tomato.png
Cucumber 40
Farm crops seedlings Cucumber.png
Carrot 50
Farm crops seedlings Carrot.png
Onion 30
Farm crops seedlings Onion.png
Broccoli 50
Farm crops seedlings Broccoli.png
Cabbage 40
Farm crops seedlings Cabbage.png
Mushroom 35
Farm crops seedlings Mushroom.png
Red Pepper 30
Farm crops seedlings RedPepper.png
Avocado 50
Farm crops seedlings Avocado.png
Wheat 60
Farm crops seedlings Wheat.png
Rice 60
Farm crops seedlings Rice.png

Poultry & Livestock

Animal Love Price Image
Hen 600
Cock 600
Cow 1,000
Cow 1,000

Fresh Meat

Item Love Price Image
Beef 60
Chicken 60
Fish 60
Shrimp 60

Foods & Boxes

For more information, see Bento Box.

Shows various types of bento food and boxes to be combined to prepare for your partner.



Cats CatBox.png

For more information, see Cats.

There is a total of twelve ownable cats in the game, with each cat costing 600 Love. With the exception of Snow, the cat options initially show red and white cat gift boxes as the thumbnails. Once a cat is purchased, the cat's appearance, breed, and name are revealed; a pop-up appears, saying "[Cat Name] becomes one of the family!" and the price is replaced with the word "Got".