Visitors are animals that visit the player's house once the Garden is unlocked.

The visitors can be seen in the Garden, Lounge, Bedroom or Bathroom, sometimes offering random amounts of Love. They appear randomly in the aforementioned locations, but the placed furniture increases the chances of certain animals. A list with the names and thumbnails of animals that have visited the house can be found in the Mine feature of the menu.

There are currently 61 visitors that can visit the house in the game.

Image Name Animal Furniture
IMG 20200223 231615.jpg
Albert Dog (Golden Retriever)

Lounge: Sofas

IMG 20200223 232022.jpg
Alex Red Panda

Lounge: TV Stands

Garden: Wooden Hobby Horse, Hobby Unicorn, Beach Chairs (Tables)

Bedroom: Cat Sofas

Barney Sea Lion

Garden: Beach Chairs, Pool, Ice Land

Blake crow.jpg
Blake Bird (Crow)

Lounge: Pianos

Garden: Scarecrows, Pond

Bobby poodle.jpg
Bobby Dog (Poodle)

Garden: White Hanging Chair, Purple Hydrangea

IMG 20200223 232619.jpg
Bobo Koala

Lounge: Lamps

Garden: Swings

Bedroom: Lamps, Desks

Bono seal.jpg
Bono Seal

Garden: Ice Land

IMG 20200223 231820.jpg
Brandy Dog (Beagle) Lounge: Oak Coffee Table, Retro Beige Sofa

Garden: White Swing, White Park Bench

IMG 20200223 231845.jpg
Bronco Dog (Coonhound)

Lounge: Green Retro Lamp

Garden: Crated bushes (Wild Flowers Bush, Colorful Roses, Lavender Bush, Sun Flowers), Elephant Slide, Hanging Chairs

Bedroom: Bedroom Benches

Brooke Dog (Pug)

Lounge: Oak Coffee Table

Garden: Soft Mats, Trampoline

IMG 20200223 232001.jpg
Brownie Bear (Brown Bear)

Garden: Zen Garden, Red Seesaw, Tree Hole

Cici canary.jpg
Cici Bird (Canary) Garden: Bird Shelter
Coco Raccoon 

Lounge: Japanese Tea Table, Colorful Big Cat Climber

Garden: Picnic Blankets

Bedroom: Wooden Bed

IMG 20200223 232122.jpg
Daisy Dog (Pomeranian)

Garden: Zen Garden

IMG 20200223 231941.jpg
Dave Bird (Red Canary) Lounge: White Fan

Garden: Old Well, Painted Well

Dolly squirrel.jpg
Dolly Squirrel

Lounge: Yellow Coffee Table

Garden: Stump, Pine Tree

Duke Cat (Siamese)

Lounge: 3-Colors TV Stand

Garden: Artistic Road Lamp

Bedroom: Aglaia Odorata

Ed Frog

Lounge: Tables, Coffee Tables

Bedroom: Bedroom Benches

Eddy seagull.jpg
Eddy Seagull

Lounge: Modern Golden Lamp

Garden: Easter Island Statue

Emily Cat (Scottish Fold) Lounge: TV stands

Garden: Cherry Blossom Tree

Bedroom: Dressing tables

IMG 20200223 231523.jpg
Fiona Swan

Garden: Pond

Bedroom: Beds

IMG 20200223 231507.jpg
Flame Flamingo

Garden: Pond

Bedroom: Blue Luxury Royal Bed

IMG 20200223 232455.jpg
Fred Dog (Schnauzer)

Lounge: Coffee tables, Bookshelves

Garden: Tents

Gary macaw.JPG
Gary Bird (Blue Macaw) Garden: Golden Parrot Stand
Gigi corgi.jpg
Gigi Dog (Corgi)

Lounge: Plants, Cabinets

Garden: Flowers (Calla Lily), Plants, Seesaws

Hank softcoatedterrier.jpg
Hank Dog (Soft-coated Terrier)

Lounge: Staircases

Garden: Peach Tree

Honey Bee

Lounge: Plants

Garden: Flowers, Plants

Bedroom: Plants, Vases

IMG 20200223 230450.jpg
Hudson Dog (Siberian Husky) Garden: Playground, Ice Land
IMG 20200223 230334.jpg
Ivory Fox (White Fox)

Garden: Zen Garden

IMG 20200223 232043.jpg
Jade Bird (Magpie)

Lounge: Umbrella Stands, Tables

Garden: Japanese Watering

Bedroom: Light Green Lamp

IMG 20200223 230432.jpg
James Monkey

Lounge: Tables

Garden: Zen Garden

IMG 20200223 232321.jpg
Jenny Bunny

Lounge: TV Stands

Garden: Mushrooms

IMG 20200223 231900.jpg
John Dog (Bull Terrier)

Garden: Elephant Slide, Beach Chairs

Bedroom: Beds, Brown Diamond Chair

IMG 20200223 231651.jpg
Joy Bird (Duck)

Lounge: TV Stands

Garden: Pond

IMG 20200223 232143.jpg
Judy Badger

Lounge: Shoe Cabinets

Kaka crab.jpg
Kaka Crab

Garden: Coconut Tree, Pool

Bedroom: Big Wooden Wardrobe

Lela Bird (Crane)

Lounge: Japanese Table

Lexi Turtle

Lounge: TV Stands

Garden: Sand Beach

IMG 20200223 231708.jpg
Lorre Otter

Lounge: Aquarium

Garden: Pool

Magi Cat (Shorthair)

Lounge: Japanese Tea Table

Garden: Witch Scarecrows, Starry Night Tent, White Wood Chairs

Bedroom: Night Sky Bedroom Bench, Cat Sofas

IMG 20200223 230403.jpg
Mira Deer

Lounge: Oak Table

Garden: Big Jar, Mushrooms, Tree Hole, Pond, Zen Garden

Nell collie.jpg
Nell Dog (Collie) Garden: White Wood Chairs
Niko Cat

Lounge: Pianos

Garden: Picnic Blankets, Stone Road Lamp

Nimo hamster.jpg
Nimo Hamster

Lounge: Coffee Tables

Garden: Stump

Owen Bear (Polar Bear)

Lounge: (no specific object)

Garden: Ice Land

Bedroom: Desks (Chairs), Bedroom Benches

Oz owl.jpg
Oz Owl Lounge: Ocean Egg Chair

Bedroom: Red Paper Car, Walnut Nightstand

Parker Dog (Samoyed)

Lounge: White Wooden Sofa

Bedroom: Beds

Peter Hedgehog

Garden: Tree Hole

Pipin Bird (Cockatoo)

Lounge: Tree Racks

Garden: Parrot Stands

Polly penguin.jpg
Polly Bird (Penguin)

Lounge: Air Conditioners

Garden: Ice Land

Bedroom: Blue Single Sofa (?), Blue Classic Carpet (?)

Rainbow lorikeet.jpg
Rainbow Bird (Colorful Sparrow, Rainbow Lorikeet)

Lounge: Coffee Tables

Garden: Birdhouses

Bedroom: Potted Aloe

IMG 20200223 232349.jpg
Rexy Fox Bedroom: Wooden Clothes Rack

Garden: Big Jar

IMG 20200223 231443.jpg
Robin Sloth

Lounge: Wood Coffeе Table (?)

Garden: Playground

Bedroom: Dressing Tables (Chairs)

Rolex eagle.jpg
Rolex Bird (Eagle)

Lounge: Shoe Cabinets, Deer Head Statue

Garden: Wooden Road Lamp

IMG 20200223 232425.jpg
Rosy Butterfly

Lounge: Plants

Garden: Plants

Spark sparrow.jpg
Spark Sparrow Lounge: Coffee Tables

Garden: ?

Bedroom: Desks, Beds

IMG 20200223 232440.jpg
Vivi Butterfly

Lounge: Plants

Garden: Plants

Bedroom: Plants

IMG 20200223 232604.jpg
Willy Bird (Toucan)

Lounge: Umbrella Stands, Sofas, Pianos

Garden: Parrot Stand, Mermaid Fountain

Yoga dachshund.jpg
Yoga Dog (Dachshund)

Lounge: Oak Coffee Table, Wood Coffee Table

IMG 20200224 164434.jpg
Yoyo White Pine Marten

Lounge: Walnut Coffee Table

Garden: Japanese Road Lamp

Bedroom: Beds

IMG 20200223 232405.jpg
Yuki Dog (Shiba Inu) Lounge: Green Vase

Garden: Wells

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