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The Yard is a side location accessible from the bottom menu in Adorable Home. It is the only location where cats can be fed, prompting a countdown that will eventually give the player Love from each cat.


The yard appears to be a small part of the Garden, directly located outside of the Lounge and to the left (or bottom, if based on the game screen). It consists of a narrow wooden patio platform with a pair of yellow slippers on the left and a light blue cooler with an open lid on the right. Directly below is a large stone slab, a soccer ball, and stepping stones that appear to be part of the walkway visible outside the large open doors in the Lounge area.

Starter items

Unlockable items

As the player adopts more cats into their home, additional food bowls will appear, specific to each cat.


Cats can be fed four different types of food which range in price. Each food comes with a cooldown before the food bowl can be filled again.

Image Item Cost Cooldown
Cat Food
Cat Food 12 Love 3 hours
Delicious Cat Food
Delicious Cat Food 18 Love 2.5 hours
Dried Fishes
Dried Fishes 26 Love 2 hours
Dried Sea Fishes
Dried Sea Fishes 35 Love 1.5 hours